The masterpiece for any design is the sepcifications. While it is essential to finalize initial specifications before beginning a study, it is not necessarily fixed and can evolve to change during the development process.

Specifications are usually based on a client wish or an idea initiated inside the company

To ensure completeness of data included in the specifications, TECNAO verify that several essential elements have been take into account:

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  • implicity non-stated needs
  • existing patents
  • competing products
  • relevant standards
  • environmental, industrial and human constraints
  • target price
  • planned schedule
  • ...

The specifications are usually written by the client, but TECNAO may participate in the process, without becoming a substitute for the customer who will validate them.

Light specifications are also useful to consult a design firm, prior to te next phase

Technical specifications will then be used to validate every step in the development process, by systematically wonders :

At this level, does the product fullfills all the required specifications?