Since 2009, TECNAO offers to the industry its expertise to provide real added value products in different areas such as :

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  • medical devices
  • medical furniture
  • furniture upholstery
  • electronic boards intergation
  • any product requiring mechanical components

Other complementary services of computer aided design are also available:

  • 3D scanner for reverse engineering of existing parts with high accuracy
  • digitizing plans, allowing industrial operations with modern devices


The interest of an external consulting firm rather than relying on industrial teams is impartiality: you do not opt straight for a technical solution, the engineering department will guide you to the most appropriate and advise you on modifications. As a broker, he put several competing technologies and technical solutions to ensure the final design and manufacture of your product, with the right cost.

You are inventor, industrial, commercial, and integrator looking for a cheap, quick and effective solution to develop your ideas at the right price ?

You do not have a research department? Outsource save on staff costs

Your research department is overloaded? Outsource part of or the entire project that does not require permanent contact with your team

Do you specialize in electronics or computer?Outsource the design of mechanical integration

Whether for a complete product development, line extension or a hand-off, contact us